Stellarium 0.11.2

An award-winning planetarium software program that allows users to explore the stars

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Have you ever wanted to be able to visualize the entirety of the observable universe at the palm of your hand? Well now you can! Stellarium is the first comprehensive space viewer that generates beautiful images of planets, nebulae, clusters of stars and famous constellations such as Ursa Major. It is a revolutionary piece of software that aims to broaden our familiarity with space and to promote a casual awareness of the universe.

The Functional Features and Perks of the Stellarium Software

Instead of zooming in and being able to observe the intricate details of various roads, houses and environments, Stellarium allows you to zoom outwards into space and explore the beauty of the cosmos. It allows you to explore the macroscopic elements of our reality that you wouldn't expect to be able to see so casually! You'll be able to jump into vivid star superclusters or gaze at the beauty of potential Earth-like exoplanets as scientists begin to identify them in the future. Imagine the time you can spend staring into the wondrous expanse of space and in observing all of the mystical gifts and sights it has to offer. You might even spend so much time that you'll come across another one of Stellarium's innovative, in-built features.

What is this second feature? Stellarium actually incorporates how certain objects in space are moving and changing against the darkening night sky. Since the view of space is simulated from the perspective of an individual on Earth's ground, the day-night cycle is included into this software's visuals. As night falls, certain constellations will become more apparent and noticeable. They will become more luminous and impressive as the orange and purple mixture of the sunset fades into the deep blue darkness of night. You will be able to see this change through a circular, telescopic lens. Stellarium does a stellar job of simulating what it feels like to view constellations and space if you cannot afford to buy a telescope and view them in real life or if the area you live in is too clouded for an effective perspective.

Stellarium is almost an extension of Google Earth, which offers only a few white blobs to take the place of important stars. Of course, Stellarium and its 120,000 accurately plotted, researched and drawn stars leaves less to be desired than its underachieving Earth-centered brother. Additionally, Stellarium has both mobile and non-mobile software. This will allow you access to your state-of-the-art planetarium at the tips of your fingers. You'll be able to observe the stars no matter where you are and what you're doing! Finally, although Stellarium is a well-developed software, it is still incomplete and receives patches and updates occasionally.


  • Beautiful sunset quality that mimics real life
  • Amazing, detailed constellations which have already been connected for clarity
  • Perfect for the astronomy buff or enthusiast


  • As a layman, one will probably be tired of the software after exploring only a tiny bit of its depth.
  • Appeals to only a small group of people
  • Can be optimally used only in a domed area

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